Meet the face behind Rise Spirit Soul, Ashling, who’s Yogi name is Yogini Jyoti, Jyoti is the Sanskrit word for ‘Light’.

Ashling is a Starseed, Mystic, Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainer.

Her overall mission is to help guide others through this time of Ascension and Spiritual Evolving, to shift into a higher state of consciousness and happy way of BEing, to lead a Western Life in a Spiritually based way.

Ashling is the Irish Ambassador for Yoga Alliance International, India and also a registered Yoga Teacher Training School.  She is a Grand Master in Meditation and registered as a Meditation Teacher Training School with Meditation Alliance International, India.  Ashling is a passionate teacher who wants to help guide others to experience the healing, calming, opening, connecting, energetic and powerful affects Yoga can have mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, as the true way of living.   

Ashling is a Highly Sensitive Empath, Intuitive and Channel, and deeply connected with Spirit, therefore works through a higher state of consciousness, in line with Divine Energies, when guiding you through your practice, healing, training or journey.  She has wide and varied teaching experience ranging from Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Transformational Hatha, Yin/Yang Fusion, Chakra Clearing, Pilates, Childrens Yoga, to of course many styles of Meditations, Mantra & Pranayama.   We are all learning in this life and Ashling continues her studies and Devotional Practices on a daily basis and takes time yearly to retreat and connect deeper with Divine.

"Stepping onto the Yoga Path I experienced a profound shift in psyche and a deeper realisation of spirit.  Moving through my own 'Remembering' and dealing with the symptoms of Ascension my practices quickly evolved and I found clarity in my connection with Source/God/Divine.  I live, practice and teach through the heart.  You can expect to connect with the full realisation of your true Soul Self in any of my varied style of teachings or healings.  Whether it is cellular, angelic, galatic energy based healing, a physical yoga practice, spiritual & soul journey guidance, or a connecting, grounding mediation, we will work on gently clearing energetic blockages and move into the self healing process and make way for you to connect with your wisdom within.  In all of my programs I transmute lower energies and transmit higher frequencies for you, for your highest good.  I like to encourage you to let your practice or healing meet you where you are today, to BE in THIS moment, to accept, surrender and let go, all to align with that which you truly are.  Just arrive with an open heart and mind and let me guide you to a place of balance and bliss.  Namaste."

At Rise Spirit Soul Ashling’s vision is;

To shine her light to show others the way

To stay true to her authentic teachings of all that Life, Source and Soul truly is

To teach others how to become in tune with their bodies and connect with their own self healing abilities

To guide those who are now awakening (some yet unaware) and ascending to a higher state of consciousness

To educate and help those who may be suffering from the likes of anxiety, depression, grief, insomnia, physical discomfort and big unexpected life changes, to name but a few of the symptoms associated with the Ascension process, as to why, and how they can help themselves

To let you know you are not alone and no matter what space you are in it’s okay, and by allowing yourself to feel everything fully that rises up you can release it to move forward into a more blissful state

To put a strong focus on mental and emotional health and healing through the heart leading to living your life through the heart

To remove any stigma associated with being spiritual and how, by honouring our spiritual selves, we can fully embrace and enjoy this human experience!

To guide others in ways to connect to their higher selves

To create a space for meditation which Ashling believes is so important for us in these times more than ever

To bring balance into the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, which lies within us all!

"You cannot help but be touched by Ashling's Light and to move through Spiritual Awakening and Soul Growth once connected to her.  You will open and grow whether it be on a one to one basis or in any group scenario.  Ashling brings healing with her and sheds droplets of Light wherever she goes."

‘Ascension Soul Healing’ is a system Remembered by Ashling combining her experience as a Teacher and Healer, from this life experience and others, and through her own Remembering experience, in line with her connection to Angels and Masters and Galatic Soul Family, to work through this Ascension together.

In between Trainings and Retreats, Ashling offers both Group and One to One Distant Healings and Spiritual Guidance.

Receiving Grand Master in Meditation with Swami Vidyanand