Hi, I am Ashling, the name which means 'vision or dream'. 
My Yogi name is Jyoti, Jyoti is the Sanskrit word for ‘Light’.
We choose our names for reasons.
I am a Starseed, Healer, channel, Spiritual Teacher.

My mission is:
to help and guide you through this time of Ascension and Evolution,
to assist in your shifts into a higher states of consciousness,
to guide you to hold and anchor yourself in these new energies and lead a Western Life in a Spiritual based, Conscious way.

I am a Highly Sensitive Intuitive (blue ray) and Channel.  I have a deep connection with Spirit and Higher Beings of Light who work with and through me, some of whom are: Archangel Michael, Ganesh, Kali, Shiva, Parvati, Ascended Master Mary, Lord Maitreya.  I work through a higher state of consciousness, in line with these Divine Energies, when guiding you through your retreat, training, healing.

'Blue Ray Starseed' are an ultra-sensitive soul group that come from  different ascended planets and light vibrational realms to assist in awakening the genetic light codes in humanity and raise the levels of consciousness.

I am an Irish Ambassador for Yoga Alliance International India and also a registered Yoga Teacher Training School.  i am a Grand Master in Meditation and a registered Meditation Teacher Training School with Meditation Alliance International India.  I want to help guide others to experience the healing, calming, opening, connecting, energetic and powerful affects Yoga, in it's true meaning 'union', can have mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, as the true way of living.   I am a teacher of Truth and Faith.

I have a wide and varied teaching experience over the years ranging from the practices of Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Transformational Hatha, Yin/Yang Fusion, Chakra Clearing, Pilates, Childrens Yoga, to of course many styles of Meditations, Mantra & Pranayama.   Most of these practices I do not teach anymore.  I teach Healing and Energy Based Healing practices, with Transformational Hatha and Yin woven in.  My main teachings are in Meditation, the ultimate Yoga Practice, philosophy and spiritual insights.  We are all continuously learning in this life and I am no different.  There is no end.  I continue my Spiritual Studies (here and through the higher planes) and Devotional Practices on a daily basis and take time (a lot of time!) to retreat and connect deeper with Divine.

Stepping onto the Yoga Path I experienced a profound shift in psyche and a deeper realisation of spirit.  Moving through my own 'Remembering' and dealing with the symptoms of Ascension my practices quickly evolved and I found clarity in my Truth, my connection with Self/Source/God/Divine.  I live, practice and teach through the heart.  You can expect to connect with the full realisation of your True Soul Self in any of my varied style of teachings, healings or channelings.
Today my focus is on the Truth of Yoga (union), on your truth.  This union is the union of the human consciousness with a higher consciousness state.  For this to take place clearing and purification is needed.
I assist in  clearing energetic blockages , transmuting lower energies and transmitting higher frequencies for and to you, for your highest soul good.  
I like to encourage you to let your practice or healing meet you where you are today, to BE in THIS moment, to accept, surrender and let go, all to align with that who you truly are.  Just arrive with an open heart and mind and allow me guide you to a place of higher consciousness, awareness, alignment, action, and, once through the clearing process, bliss.
this is not a quick one time process, it is an ongoing process.  There are levels upon levels to move through.  ONce you are through one stage you typically get a break, time to enjoy the bliss, then you may move into another shift in consciousness, which does bring about some more discomfort, but this process becomes smoother.
Allow me to guide you:
through the true authentic teachings of all that yoga, Truth, Faith, Life, Source and Soul truly is
 to become in tune with your soul Self and connect with your own self healing abilities
as you are now awakening (some yet unaware) and ascending to a higher state of consciousness
in your remembering and continuing ascension, rising up to next levels of consciousness
who may be sensitive and overcome with the likes of anxiety, depression, grief, insomnia, physical discomfort and big unexpected life changes, to name but a few of the symptoms associated with the Ascension process, as to why, and how you can help yourself
with a focus on mental and emotional health through spiritual healing leading to living your life of full potential
in bringing balance into the inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, which lies within us all
in honouring your spiritual self in line with your human self, to fully embrace and enjoy this human experience!
in ways to connect to your higher self
through meditation
through healing
through ascension
I combine my experience as a Teacher and Healer, from this life experience and many others, and through my own Remembering experience here, in line with my connection to Higher Beings of Light and my Galactic Soul Family, to work through this Ascension together.
Receiving Grand Master in Meditation with Swami Vidyanand