"The Foundations"

This is not a linear or logical journey.  This is spherical and spiritual.  All of it is Human.

If you have attended any teacher trainings in the past, with me, or any other school, this will be different.

You don't need to be trained you have everything to know within you, and I say this to empower you.

To Be Meditation Teachers or to help others in any way we must be on a journey of continuous self discovery, healing, transformation.

Some One-to-One work is important, and included, along with group work.

For meditation it is important to have time on retreat, and time in silence.

I am combining all of this into your Meditation Teacher Courses.

Self Connection First only then may you be of service to, guide, and hold space for others.

Some aspects of your course:

Meditative Healing Asana Practice (accessible to all (no previous physical yoga experience necessary))

Silent Meditation Sittings

Mantra Meditation Sittings

Healing through the Subconscious in the Higher Astral Planes (whilst you sleep)

Healing, Awakening, Activation, Alignment, Remembering through the Spiritual Planes (whilst you sleep and meditate)

All of the above through this Human Earth state

Spiritual Talks & Guidance 

Soul Cellular Journeys (some are akin to Past Life Regression)

This is both Group and One-To-One Work

Following your course and a one month break (approx.) there is continued support by way of 3 months of 1 weekly silent meditation sitting on zoom.

What's Next!...

Training Location & Dates

Sri Lanka Retreat ~ The Foundations

July 01st - July 22nd, 2024

Total Price:


€300 deposit to secure your space

(*balance can be paid in instalments, full payment due by June 01st)

3 Month Online Zoom Course ~ The Foundations

September 07th - December 01st, 2024

Total Price:


€300 deposit to secure your space

(*balance can be paid in instalments)

Saturdays 15:00 - 18:00 / Sundays 08:00 - 11:00
Saturdays - Sept 07th  / Sept 28th / Oct 19th / Nov 09th / Nov 30th
Sundays - Sept 08th / Sept 29th / Oct 20th / Nov 10th  / Dec 01st

Tuesdays 20:00 - 20:30 ~ Sept 10th - Nov 26th
Wednesdays 06:30 - 07:00 ~ Sept 11th - Nov 27th
Wednesdays 21:00 - 21:30 ~ Sept 11th - Nov 27th
Thursdays 06:00 - 06:30 ~ Sept 12th - Nov 28th

(time zone is gmt+1 Sept - Oct then gmt)

Registration and Certification with Rise Spirit Soul

(additional €200 for registration with Meditation Alliance International if desired)

Price Includes:

Our time together throughout The Foundations Journey and Rise Spirit Soul Certificate.

Accommodation and Breakfast for Retreat Course.

Price Does Not Include:

Any flights, transfers, additional sundries.  Assistance and Guidance offered for all Retreat additionals.

Fee of *€200 for certification and registration with Meditation Alliance International if this is something you'd like (you don't have to decide until the completion of your journey).  (*If this fee changes it is beyond my control and  I will update you.)

Application Process:  Please fill out the application form below.

This training is open to all, no previous experience in Yoga, Meditation, or Healing is necessary, and you don't need to want to be a teacher to take this course.  Saying that, since you will move through shifts in consciousness, at different levels for each individual, it is important for me to know you are ready for this, and also that we are aligned to connect at this particular time. 

Please note:

For anyone whom I have been connected with by way of One-To-One Healing, or Group Healing Events, during 2023/4, you do not need to fill in the application form.  If you are drawn simply pay your deposit by clicking the button below 'Book Here' and I will follow on with you from there.


Please note: It is important to add your email address above, otherwise I have no way to reply to you.

Which course are you applying for:

Have you taken any of the following courses, certified or not?

For example: Yoga - Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

(brief one word answers are sufficient, no details necessary, for example: 'arthritis')

You can simply type "I acknowledge".

Please do not pay any deposit until I contact you following your application submission, or unless we have worked together in 2023/4