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remember energy is timeless

regardless of dates whenever you are drawn to read something there will be something in it for you.

HOW I WRITE, AS I HAVE, HAS CHANGED.  These written pieces contain code for you.  I ADVISE that 'you' READ ONE TIME FULLY BY SIMPLY READING 'THE TEXT', THEN 'y'ou GO BACK AND READ EACH LINE, AND, OR PARAGRAPH, 'SLOWLY'.  If you 'w'i'sh'.

1st energy center

December 01st 2022

Listen to your body, it is more powerful than the mind in truer communication right now, in this time of clearing, and, or confusion.  In listen to the body you will get to the mind, because that is what needs clearing, healing too.  The body is purging in a powerful way because it is moving into a more crystalline state.

There is a letting go of control, a flushing out of fear, and excess emotion; 'energy in motion'.

Surrender to all. 

The 1st energy center is our 'b'ase, our foundation, the beginning of our physical life, in this more physical place, therefore it is clearing a lot (and a lot more than usual right now) through the physical body in preparation for becoming light'her'.  This root chakra is the beginning, or the end, of the nervous system, the spine.  It is connected with how we feel 'being' in this world.  It is our ancestry.  It is our formation, therefore it is connected to every cell, every muscle, every bone in your body!  It is both pain and pleasure, it is form, until it is formless.  We are becoming 'form''less'.

The brain is affected.  ‘Forgetfulness’ that seems unusual for you, for now, is a symptom of this process (of ascension), due to the cellular changes occurring in the nervous symptom.  It may be a gift!  Anything you need to ‘know’ or ‘remember’ you ‘will’.  ‘Forget’’fulness’ ‘Empty’nest’.  Dream states are 'am'plified, some true some very untrue.

Root Chakra is on a 'ram'page, as it rages and roars through the physical body.

I took anti-inflammatory’s for a few days in a row (due to 'a lot' of pain) and I had an uncomfortable reaction to them that went away as soon as I stopped taking them.  Following this, in sleep state I met with a doctor in a different realm, and he gave me advice to ‘us’e here in this realm.   He told me that what is going on with me (and a lot of others out there*) no western medicine will help.  We are being pushed to heal through the subtle body.  There is a lot of healing happening as you sleep whether you ‘re’’member’ it or not.   That doesn't mean you don't need to allow, and do, the healing in waking time too, it is important that you become conscious of what it beneath the surface.

In a meditative state I went into my physical body, into the 'cen'ter from the root to the heart energy areas, and could see my organs, cells, energy lines, vessels, and then suddenly my root chakra nerves lit up like the 'brightest star bursting'.  Activation in the root, a new ‘route’.  New energy ‘awake’ning.

This is being felt and seen in your physical body, yet it is so much deeper than that.  At the same time any pain and discomfort is very real so what can you do about it?  From personal experience, because I have been, and continue to, move through it too, you need to look at it, feel it, connect with it, allow it, chat with it, do what it asks of you, love it! And 'all' of 't''his', is in meditation.

Also the depth of it - it is beyond your physical body, moving into your personal physical world, and the world at large.  Look at nature!  The nervous system, and energy lines in our physical body are in Earth too.  We will see, and feel, more activity and shifts in every orifice of our energetic being!  It is exciting (mostly!, when not in the midst of something that seems ex'cruciat'ing.)

There are what we would ‘call miracles’ happening.  I am experiencing it in my personal self, and witnessing it in others.  We 'call them' miracles yet they are our natural state.  Realisation and remembering being 're'im'burst'.  

What can you do? 'T'une in.  Sit quietly, meditate, listen to your body, your heart, your soul.  Honour, accept and allow.  The 't'ime is now.


Blessings & Love


(*always trust your intuition on what is going on with your personal self, your body, and if unsure seek help and advice.  sometimes western medicine is necessary, and is an energetic human aid.)


November 30th 2022

555 is healing through the human self.

555 'is' 15 which is 6.  6 is the center point to 12, which is 33 and 3.

'Connect' with your 'center' point.  Note that 'this is' very important 'now'.

'We' 'are' in a 're''sound'ing 're''source''ful' shift 'current'ly.  This 'is' in the lead up to 12.12 and 21.12 and all energy in between.  What you 'allow' 'now' is what 'will' 'divine'ly carry you 'for'ward.  What you 'will' not allow too, because there are many aspects to you.  There is no right or wrong simply the balanced place in between.  B'al'ance for me may not 'be' balance for you.  What is b'al'ance for you?

6 is 'Balance' 'witch' is what this is 'all' about.

Blessings & Love


One to One sessions are open if you feel drawn to make use of additional incoming energy to...

shift in consciousness, clear energy of 'any' 'kind' to clear the 'way''s',
connect with higher aspects of 'self', with gifts divinely 'give'n to 'share'
and so 'you can' 'receive' in divine accordance and aligned asisigned state.

Crumbling in consciousness

November 29th 2022

Through sleep state, I was with my Mam this night and we were travelling around, and we made a stop at our old family home.  We didn’t go in but we hovered (because we were simply a higher consciousness energy connected together, moving, flying around) with the ‘past’ home ‘behind’ us.

From here we were ‘focus’ed on ‘one’ other ‘home’ on the street.  We were looking at it disintegrating, literally and metaphysically.  I have met with the people of this home in sleep state recently (not close to, or active with, them in waking time in this life) and was seeing a death approaching.  My Mam and I spoke about this and some more recent health issues in the ‘home’ ‘center’, and I asked Her how the ‘other’ was.  My Mam told that ‘one’, was doing their best, yet it is taking it’s toll on them, ‘being’ in the ‘home’ situation.  There is a 'navigation' to move through.

Everything is disintegrating, more so than the usual life progression of constant change, everything is ‘crumbling in consciousness’!  No 'matter' what the 'current' state of consciousness 'is' for 'one' 'that is' what 'is' crumbling.  During this 'current' stage there is 'concurrent' crumbling, cleansing, consciousness ignition, through fuel 'source' essence, which is your individual unique 'light' within your 'dark' self.

My Mam and I, in this sleep state experience, were ‘individual consciousness in communication’ yet we were ‘merged as One’

Home Is Heart Is Center Is Individual Consciousness Is Human Is Spirit Is Being One.

Blessings & Love



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