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8 Ball

April 14th 2024

There is a level of preparation the physical vessel needs to move through in the processes currently taking place within the consciousness.  Those changes are occurring within the brain and nervous system therefore meditation is the ultimate form of preparation, and the continuous practice is necessary to allow, let go, integrate and with all of that rebalance.  It is not the only thing and way, we must move energy physically by moving, we must honour what our body is sharing with us and asking of us, including what we put into it, and where we put it!  Other people and places can affect our physical body, if it is aligned it is in harmony, it if is not aligned disturbance can come about within our cells!  I am seeing so much more in relation to all this.  It is as simple as following your true feelings.  The physical world affects the psychic, or more ‘subtle’ ‘energetic’ world and the more subtle affects the physical.  If you have loving thoughts about someone it goes to them, whether or not they are fully aware of it.  I know when someone is having loving feelings for me, and I allow them in, I also know if someone is having more fear-based thoughts or feelings, and I do not allow them in.  

The veils of separation and illusion, and the veils to the many other dimensions have lifted more for some and are newly lifting for others, layer by layer, in loving divine time.  I am continuously shifting and shaping, and re-shaping like us all.  I am currently seeing (psychic vision) a lot more in many different ways.  One is galactic type visions.  I was shown how our human is evolving.  I seen the birth occurring of the a new human.  In this process, and in this vision, as much as there is no separation I seen the masculine energy and the feminine energy in gestation, they were full sized adult humans, not new born babies.  They were humanoid in figure but no facial features, no genitals, no hair etc.  It was simply an energetic knowing one was more masculine energy and the other was more feminine.  They were translucent and I could see the neuro pathways and energy lines within the form, and there were less of them than currently inhibited.  I could see some organs but only a few, since some are not needed anymore and less blood and it was such a bright pure red colour.  They were lying side by side and the masculine began to move the feminine remained resting!  As He began to rise I could see this thick jello type plasma peel off what would be the facial and head area.  As I awoke to this vision ending here, the recall came to me that the masculine is the action and the feminine is the passivity.  He is only rising though, and moving slowly.  She is still in gestation!  That's that on that!

So many cellular changes.  Physical changes and healing come about first through the nervous system, spiritual body, mental body, emotional body and then out through the physical body.  Healing of all of these systems, which are one at the end of the day, is more possible than ever before.  I can help with the spiritual healing, you allow and do your own healing yet there are those of us here specifically as healers to help.  When someone shares particular frequencies with you, soul you then chooses what to allow and do with those frequencies.  I can hold space for you, when we come together physically and or energetically I have the ability through experience here in this life, but more than that through many lifetimes of experience and evolution to hold the energetic space steady for you to meditate and heal easier.  I can access the higher astral and spiritual realms easily, and spirit finds it easy to work with me, and through me to you.  I won’t say human me has nothing to do with this because I do truly since I allow it, I honour it, and I work on myself every single day, and live a somewhat alternative life to be my true self here.  It is not comfortable a lot of times, but I am now ok with any discomfort and I have peace in my heart, and it is my soul.  I have experienced a lot in this human vessel and I truly feel I can only help with what I have experience and currently am experiencing.  Someone who hasn’t been through profound grief can’t help you with it.  Someone who hasn’t been in a near-death experience cannot share what it is like (for them, because there are many experiences) unless they have had a near-death experience.  Someone who hasn't been through a spiritual awakening cannot understand what that is to help you with it.  Others can hold space, can help in the generality of course, with anything, but the true healer is the one who has been ‘true’ (through) it.

Such a depth of sadness surfaced collectively.  If you feel it you can possibly put it down to some things in your personal life, and do it if it makes it easier, for me I know it’s so much more.  Yes there are things in my personal life that can give me that sense at times but I always go beyond that into the deeper truths because that is what helps me.  Those personal things are human conditions but they are very real whilst we are in them, and not ever to forget we all have them and feel them at times.  It’s difficult observing myself at the moment.  I wonder where I have gone.  I feel a part of me is lost in all this.  That is the sadness I am feeling!!  It is a death, and right now, as with the death of our loved ones, this death in ourselves, it is a challenge to center, and to come into our natural states of happiness and harmony whilst veiled by sadness.  Veils can reveal though remember!  They are soft flowing pieces of fabric.  All is not lost, it never was, and it never will be!  Living this life, is a constant process of death and rebirth, and man, for me, there have been so many.  I’ve had two fairly dramatic near-death experiences, and I have died many deaths in between.  Sometimes I get tired of living, and I wonder, for brief moments, am I to stay, when am I to go.  Don’t take that statement with too much concern, I’m very much ok, I’m just being honest.  We all wonder some weird shit at times, and we don’t say it, so I’m just gonna say it all.  This is my truth.  I share my stories, with the intention of them helping, and I let them go.  I’ve had two accidents on bikes that nearly killed me, were they trial runs, is that how I will go?  The answer is I don't 'fully' know.  Personally I’ve always felt and still feel it will be a sudden death for me.  I’ve moreso felt I will leave in my sleep since that is something I do every night easily and remember.  Some night if I don’t come back into the body don’t be concerned I’ve just moved on to one of those more enlivening realms for me.  I love going to bed! This is where my life really begins!  My days are challenging at times.  The human experience.  The depth of what I feel.  The difference, which is separation, as much as I know in truth there is no such thing.  In my last near death experience I was literally given the choice to leave or return.  I was already out of the body on my way, and I was stopped and guided to turned back to look through a portal at my self lying there.  This is where I had to make the choice to return or to keep going on my way.  There is some more to it, but I choose to return.  I am here now, and have felt so grateful to be, with some new wisdom and insights brought back with me, but lately these energies and this experience has been intense!  I knew coming back it would continue to be intense at times, so I know “this too shall pass”, I promise myself right now it will, and I promise you it will too.  I hear my Mam say “you will be rewarded”, and I tear up as I type it because at the moment I am shedding tears like there’s no tomorrow, maybe there’s not! Haha, I am crying when I am sad, I am crying when I see children play, when I hear a baby cry, when I hear a bird sing, when I see a white butterfly fly into my chest / heart and it's lashing rain out and cold, and not usual to see a butterfly in these circumstances, and I’m drenched, and I’m a tad miserable, and I’m so happy I’m crying!!!  So Yes, with all that crazy there is heart activation.  We are evolving.  We are feeling beings, and we are feeling more, most especially those of us who already feel and who are here particularly to help with this process on behalf of humanity as a whole, albeit in our seemingly smaller groups.  My nights are busier than ever before, I feel like I’m now living millions of lives not just multi-dimensional, multi seems too small, but milli-dimensional (yes it’s a word now), and we could probably go to billi, trilli, and gazilli.  With the intensity of the nights, my days take work, and/or surrender.  I don’t know how I would do this if I had children, respect to anyone who is.  Although I know there are a lot of us, like me, who don’t have children for this exact reason.  With the intensity and the releasing comes activation, or vice-versa.  I am having many more visits from spirit.  It’s not something I do, never has been, it’s something I allow and that always has been, mostlywhen I’m 'working', although it happens randomly too.  Both ways it is happening so much more, and I am adjusting to this.  We all will see our particular gifts amplified, whatever they are for us each, along with new ones activate (already carried in our soul cellular dna) if that is to be.  It is all in line with soul purpose, soul plan. 

Massive activations are taking place, which means, fairly massive clearing, releasing, detoxing, purging, all levels of it, and of course all depending on your soul journey and where you are on your path right now too.  For me it is always at one of the more intense levels, that is me, and a part of my journey, and a part of how I help, and also so I can share it in all ways with you.

Safety is definitely another thing surfacing, in whatever way, and that’s coming from the root chakra primarily.  Fear is ok to feel, you never need to put on a front.  I have been feeling it too.  We need to feel it to heal it remember.  And remember too, roots are not just ours, they are our ancestors, and beyond that it goes through soul record levels. 

In a chat with another sensitive star friend the other day, I shared how I decided to raise my arms and shout out “Yes, to it All” one of the days I was feeling all the fears and tears, and it helped, probably with me laughing at myself too!  We say “Yes” to Divine, to the Multi(Milli!)Verse, we Yes to All the love, support, and abundance too.  This of course means we say “Yes” to letting go and creating space, and transforming, because that is what is happening, our human is becoming a new form in transparent enlightening ways!

I Am observing myself in a very detached / milidimensional way.  Whilst I was sleeping I was experiencing myself in another realm sleeping and waking up there and remembering my sleep time experiences there – this body, this Ashling still sleeping here, then remembering all that as I awake here!  That’s only some of it!  In another experience in waking state I was meditating and very much out of body, less of my consciousness was here, and as I raised my left hand up, it was flopped at the wrist and the weight of it felt like led is the only way I can describe it.  This is experiencing the density to a new higher degree, a new awareness.  One other way you may experience first and more often is being in the company of others who you know, and maybe love dearly, but are not on the same paths, and literally detaching and floating out of the conversation, situation, experience.  Maybe hearing yourself in some conversation and observing it, or engaging in some chit chat but not really there, or not resonating at all.  It is becoming more alien!!

There is a definite disconnection from the dimensions that no longer serve you, soul you.

What will serve you right now, and always, is some self-love and compassion.  If you find that challenging in the given moment, use some affirmations.  Words can be weight or light.  Your body, your heart, your soul, your everything, hears and feels everything you give it, including words.  Speak and think words wisely.  Speak and think words lovingly.  You can keep it simple, like:

I love you.  You are safe.

Blessings & Love


inside out

April 01st 2024

I am all for empowering others and that comes from an innate soul urge within me.  It also comes from a soul urge to empower myself!  I live life a little differently, it’s really alternative and it’s honestly not something I feel I consciously humanly chose, although I know in full faith it was, and is, meant to be this way.  Knowing and faith doesn’t mean it is easy, ease comes through surrender, allowing, honouring.  I have had to sift, and shift, through conditioning and programming that we all have, a heap of grief, and hormones too!  I have had to go inside and empower myself on small simple tasks and for greater bigger journeys.  I speak a lot about energy and spiritual stuff because I am meant too and it is a big piece of me, of everyone, and it holds a place in my heart.  I also speak of our human stuff, the highs and lows, and all the bits in between, beneath and beyond because we can’t have one without the other.  I woke on Friday morning and as my day began I felt a sensation within my intestines and felt a small energy purge was taking place.  It was.  I know when it is that or something like food poisoning for example (spoilt food can upset the system yet there are times those more human happenings take place for higher purposes too!).  This energy purge through the physical was only a few hours and that was that done.  I had done a lot of energy work and within one of our groups I was guided to assist a cord clearing, of which I had a personal cord clearing too, this was a part of that purge for me, along with the current energies.  When I looked at the schumann resonance yesterday I seen how intense energy was building on Friday morning as I felt this movement within and this added to it.  I always feel these energy shifts and I feel most others do aware or not, or call it something else, or excuse it as something, or blame someone on it haha.  See the screenshot below.  You can google more on this if it interests you, I am no expert on it, I just find it interesting and it is also validating in a supportive way.  You can see where there looks to me like a ‘choppiness’ just before the energies increase into what look like ‘blasts’.

Science is proof of Energy.  Science is proof of our Spiritual Experiences.  I like science just like I like human but I don’t need them, I choose them.  I feel, I know.  I don’t need proof.  That’s ok for me, maybe it’s not ok for you or someone else, we are all here to experience what we are all here to experience in the way that is aligned for us.  This is our soul journey.  This is connected to what we call Life Lessons.

Our whole life is a series of lessons, and love!  I know I am still learning, because I am still here.  I am open to that learning, and being here, and grateful that I am.  I chose to Be.  In a conversation with someone I asked “are you open?” they replied they felt they were pretty open but asked in what way did I mean, and I replied “are you open to learning and growing?”  they replied “what is there to learn?”  they were not messing.  There was my answer and all I needed to know.  So, they may be open in a way that they ‘think’ they are open and I can’t get into a deeper conversation with them about that because they are not open to it (laughing here).  Openness is not about thinking although it does include an open mind.  To reach an open state of mind we need to open our hearts, and we need to connect more to ourselves, and to the reality that we are, and it all is, so much more.  We also need to pause to reach an open state of anything, and that takes practice.  It can be a practice of taking a few breaths, or counting to a certain number before judging, or replying, or reacting.  It can be a bigger practice of daily meditation, which brings with it so much more.

I need to meditate that’s why I meditate.  I also choose to meditate because I want to meditate and I know what it can be and do.  And because I have experienced it and it’s millions of benefits, I want to and can share it with others.  Meditation isn’t a new thing, it’s an old thing if it’s any thing!  It’s not airy fairy, you don’t have to dress a certain way, although I highly recommend comfort whilst sitting to meditate.  That’s my only dress code!  We all are here dressed in different bodies and sometimes people judge me the completely wrong way, unless they know me, by the physical western body I am in.  I remember meeting an Indian man early last year at an airport and we got into a conversation about astral projection and travel and he said (not in these exact words, I’m condensing and translating slightly) that I was at a stage most strive to attain and I was higher up than a lot of Indian gurus and he was shocked because of the body (white western woman).  I said no don’t let any physical body fool you (and reminded him that no one was higher up than any other).  His body and that conversation didn’t fool me, I knew it had a higher purpose for us both.  I took my lesson and love, and I feel he did too, an open and kind man.

My body has been through a lot, and I have healed a lot of physical pain.  I feel I am at my strongest ever physically, and I know without doubt this has come from me working on my inner strength, through healing, experiences and meditation.  You can develop muscles in the physical body without allowing and doing any inner work, healing or meditation, but it will not develop inner strength, as much as it may assist it.  For me the physical strength had to develop through the inner healing, and developing inner strength.    If you can’t move physically (outwardly), you are being pushed to move inwardly!  I was pushed a few times!  Thrown some others!  Once I got to a certain stage of inner healing / energy healing / spiritual healing / realisations I then knew (through my intuition which developed through meditation) it was a time to move more physically again.  I also knew the movement would be painful until it was not and that I was to move into and through the pain.  This physical movement moved more energy by way of grief too as I pushed steadily through.   It feels like a miracle to me in a way, but it’s not, it’s something that is more natural than miraculous and we all have this ability to heal ourselves.  Now I have that equilibrium within myself I will continue in courage to move both inwardly and outwardly! It takes courage to heal and to continuing moving, within and without.   Remember, whether or not to move into pain, and if that is the best thing for you, only you know, or maybe you can decide with the help of a specialist in that particular area, western or alternative, again whatever is best for and aligned for you.  Everything, and everyone, is energy.  Fear may surface as you move into and through any pain you are intuitively guided to.  Sometimes that pain may even be fear itself.   It takes courage to move through fear.  “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” (by Susan Jeffers) one of those first few self-help books I read as a young adult given to me by my Mam.  You only need to read that quote not the entire book.  That’s what courage is, it is feeling any fear, and allowing it, and doing it anyway.  Courage may take time to build, but you can build one brick at a time.  Lay the foundations first. 

Maybe I can help you empower yourself in:

“The Foundations” Meditation Teacher Course, one online through zoom and another on Retreat in Sri Lanka, click the buttons below for more information on those.

Today may you be, feel, and know courage as you move through your day, any pain, grief, or fear.

Blessings & Love


The void and the feels

March 19th 2024

A void of vagueness, stillness and nothingness has arisen and may be in your field of awareness now or in the days to come.  The energy of the void can be eerie, it is empty yet it is full of life, of potential, and it has it’s place in space!  Be with it.  I find it a profound place to be, and it is to me peace.  Following the void a slow steady movement may come about or feelings may flow with more ferocity.

There is something simmering!  There is a new chapter about to begin or a whole new book about to be written.  Watch this space, whatever time space reality it is for you right now.  A Pink Portal has just begun to open up!  (More on that as it comes in, yet it is definitely connected!)

What is, or recently has been if you’re in this void, playing out in your feelings, in physical life and your physical body!?  It will give you guidance.  The solar plexus is going through great transformation.  This is our inner masculine energy.  This is the ego energy.  This is where you feel oh so physically.  This is where your sun shines and burns and purifies and energizes.

Through sleep state I went on my own personal healing journey with one of my nephews here in this life.   This was all playing out here and in another dimension, another timeline, well between timelines!  We were to go stay in a house with an elderly lady but both the house and she were of a vibration that was really not helpful for either of us.  I refused to go into this energy to do this work, it wasn’t necessary!  There comes a stage where it isn’t necessary to go into a lower vibration to heal something, there is also a stage where it holds it’s worth!  I went to meet with my Dad, and my brother was quietly there too.   I explained there was no way I was going to stay in that place with my nephew, which seemed to be an original plan, that I was now going to stay here with him for the two nights.  He nodded ok and agreed.  This healing is in line with my inner masculine energy and with the masculine ancestral line in my family.  There is so much more to us, to what is playing out, and to 'feeling'.  It is important to allow all to flow.

The void has it's place...

As does what came before, and what is yet to come.

Nothingness can bring about so much.

Disconnection can bring about greater connection.

Nothing and Everything is all within.

Blessings & Love


Being Rooted in the Heart

March 10th 2023
#444 #12 #3

We are being activated a lot right now so what can support you in this process that is naturally occurring?

You can support yourself by allowing, by tuning in to your body and doing, and not-doing, what is best for you. 

Allow your body to readjust – adjustments take time since the body needs time, too much too soon, like anything can bring about misalignment.

Sometimes there are 'stuck' energies so make some movement happen, move your body in whatever way you feel called to move.  If there is pain acupuncture and massage with a therapist can help you.  When do you put some extra effort in and push through the pain?  Only you know when that is an aligned time for you.  How do you know?  Ask your body?  Sit in silence with your body and wait for the answer to come.  If you don't know - you don't do!

There is a continuous stream of higher divine energies entering.  We are in a stage of embodying these energies, therefore the body is feeling it.  This embodiment is about opening to more of who you truly are.  It’s about opening the inner chambers of the Self, of the heart.  It’s about coming into the natural state of balance and peace.  Within all that there is clearing of old energies, of pain and possibly trauma, of energetic debris taken on.  Within all that there are experiences of other places, and other lives, of remembering multidimensional aspects of yourSelf.  With all that there is discomfort and a feeling of bliss.  All of it is temporary.  All of it is to help you now.  It can be a lot, that is why it happens in stages, and that is why we connect with others on similar spirited journeys, that is why there are others, like me, maybe like you, here to help.

No one can decipher how all of this shifting and reshaping is going to go, how it will be felt, because it will be felt, how the physical body will react to it, how the mind will Be, how it will all transfigure and transform, what the outcome will Be!  It is only through experience (and with that individual perception) that we will come to know.

You will notice small simple shifts and changes within your self and your daily life.  Some things will no longer work for you any longer:

- What you put into your body – certain foods simply can’t be digested any longer, your taste buds are changing, what you feel like eating is different, more extreme reactions to what you intake, medication is not working like it once did, you need more water, your body may be craving, or calling for, more salt. 

- Who you are is simply changing each day as you awaken again.

- Who you want and need to be around, or not around is changing, suddenly, or slow silent departures.

- How you live your life, or now want to live your life is changing.

- Material desires are dropping away.

- Crowds and noise may be more challenging.

Some new ways will begin to work their way out of your Self and into your Life:

- Taking moments in silence.

- Spending more time in nature.

- Being in the company of only those aligned for you.

- New opportunities suddenly presenting themselves to you.

- Saying 'Yes' and 'No' to what and who is true for you.

- Joining groups of aligned soul connections.

- Experiencing spirit, energy, and divine happenings.

- Healing happening.

- Mind Shifting.

- Heart opening.

- Seeing more of the beauty in small simple things.

- Singing, Playing, Laughing, Loving More

- Most importantly have a new found love for yourSelf.

It is all a process.

Purification is a part of that process with purification of the subconscious occurring in all ways.  With that there is a deep purification of the physical self. This physical purification is through the nervous system and exiting at all points in all ways!  Typically, there will be purging by way of fevers and diarrhea sometimes vomiting will be added to that.  There will be flu like aches and pain throughout the whole musculoskeletal system.  Skin disorders.  Heart and lung flutters and clearing.  A lot of vertigo type dizziness.  There will be more challenging purges for some, rest assured, and lesser ones in line with that for others too.

There are some very physical symptoms happening for a lot of people presently, including that physical purging through the stomach and intestines.  You may come to notice how stomach bugs, stomach flu, food poisoning, bacterial infections, viral infections etc., will be on the increase more and more as labels are wanted to explain what is happening for those not in the know and as science looks into what is occurring.  There is more behind these occurrences.  It is all a part of the process.  Our physical body is much wiser than the limited human mind!  Trust your physical body and all it is communicating with you, in all it's ways!

How I work is helping through the subconscious and with that we (Spirit, others aspects of my 'I' and Soul You) work through the nervous system and the spiritual heart to help.  As we (humans) release trauma, pain, grief from the subconscious and nervous system more of our soul self can enter and be embodied in this human physicality. 

We are “Being Rooted in the Heart” – in an event recently we had an activation where the heart and root where merging, uniting.  In the vision I seen them energetically being drawn together in a circular slanted spherical surge of energy, it looked planetary.  This is both energetical and physical, the energetic occurring first then manifesting into the physicality.

I have learned through yoga studies how the energy body and chakras are linked from the root chakra up to the crown and then the root connects to the crown, the sacral to the third eye, the solar plexus to the throat, and the heart to the spiritual heart – imagine folding your physical self in two from the heart center and this is the union of the chakras this way, the upper with the lower.  That’s where traditional yoga teachings stop.  I have since come to know there is so much more to our energy bodies, and to us in general, through my own inner wisdom through journeys in meditations and experiences in sleep state.  We now know there aren’t simply the seven main chakras within the energy body, there are so many more, varying in size and power, some within, some without, some activated and awake, some not activated and sleeping.  Some will be there or not dependent on the souls overall growth.  What I also know is there is still so much more to know.

This latest activation is one that is naturally available to all, it is simply what was offered to our group since when we join together to allow, our soul, and spirit, see opportunities and offer what is now available and now possible.  Activations are available at opportune times and with that you must be ready to be activated, there is a process.  This process is a natural process to look after and love you.  The human body, heart and mind can only take so much at a time.  The bodily systems need time to adjust.  If you are drawn into an event or inner work, healing, usually without a logically reason, it is your soul speaking with, to, and for you.  Trust this.  Trust the process.  Trust You.

As humanity becomes more rooted in the heart the chaos will become clear!

Such powerful, profound, dynamic shifts, that are also so sweet and simple.  Surrender to Self and allow yourself be rooted in, and through, your heart.

Blessings & Love


Inner Masculine Inner world to the Outer masculine Outer world

February 13th 2024
#33 #44

Such a shedding of old energy, of old you, of old aspects of you!  This shedding is slow, on some levels, it is aspect by aspect, it is layer by layer.  Nature takes it’s time, there are seasons, shedding's, awakenings, deaths, rebirths, this is the spiritual ascension process, this is energy work, this is healing, this is how consciousness shifts.  It is a natural process, albeit a new type of natural process for so many.  Since it is of nature, take time in nature, it will help just being there.

There is a powerful wave of healing to our masculine energy within and without.  As I travelled through higher planes through my sleep state I Am helping with healing and I see physical males lying in chambers healing.  My Dad from this life comes to me and walks with me.  He is helping me since I Am also helping with ancestral healing too.  This is coming through on both lines, the male and female ancestral lines.  I go to a group of women and they are not very loving and kind as they are in some old masculine vibrations.  I notice a wound within my Ashling self rise up and release it for healing.  In another experience I travel to a parallel timeline where I go to my family home and my Dad is there, older there then when he transitioned from this life line here, he is releasing and healing grief and I help.  I also see others there I know from here but are not in my life now, and I help.  They are just a couple of examples of experiences as I observe what is occurring in our collective energy.

As all this energy rises, both the old for release and the new for integration, I have observed in my manifested world so many males beginning to open more.  As I now speak my truth more on who I Am, what I have been through, and how I Am, I have noticed this week males opening up and basically saying how they are interested in helping themselves more.  I have also noticed on a more minute scale a masculine ridiculing any alternative ways, and judging and rejecting emotion in the feminine.

When does the judgement and ridicule stop?  It stops when you stop accepting it, when you don’t judge and ridicule yourself.  It may well happen around you, yet you don’t accept it, you now don’t allow it in.  It is like being in the world but not of it.  If it comes toward me now it simply slides off me.  I do not permit it, I do not allow this energy touch me, I do not allow this energy in.  That can be helpful to repeat to yourself if you become aware of it, or if someone is attempting to send it your way: “I do not permit it, I do not allow this energy touch me, I do not allow this energy in”.

Freedom is being offered.  Freedom is found within. What freedom is may be different from one person to the next.  Freedom has many layers.  Freedom from the mind is one of those layers and the most challenging to achieve… if you resist it!  Movement is necessary, movement of the mind, and movement of the body assists to a certain degree.  Beyond that degree non-movement of the body will allow more freedom of the mind.  Meditate.  It may be uncomfortable but that is temporary and it will be worth it for the comfort that comes following it.  Everything is temporary, the most temporary of which is what passes through the mind.

Mental disturbance is a temporary disturbance if you allow it and to allow that disturbance to dissipate you have to put up the "do not disturb" sign to the external world.  It is not shutting it out completely but it is knowing when to retreat and sit in silence to soften.  This sitting in silence, this softening, takes inner strength.  This is the new frequency of truer masculine energy being instilled.  I have come to realise that you can be in emotional depths and still be in balance by simply surrendering and allowing.  There is no forcing, there is no suppressing, there simply Is.  Emotion can be beautiful and freeing, or it can be dark and binding.  Free flowing tears are beautiful and freeing.  Holding on to anger is binding to the old.  Love is letting go.

Rest.  Take time to sit, to lie back and just Be.  The upgraded masculine energy knows it takes strength to stop, and it knows when to take action again.

Rest.  Rest in the wholeness of who you are and who you are not.  Let all else fall away.

Blessings & Love


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Realising Soul-self-Love

January 26th 2024

We are being forced to look at love, self-love, self-worth, to look at something that hasn’t been comfortable.  Going forward you will notice more and more we don’t have any choice, by way of our humanness and ego, as to whether or not we want to heal something, look inside, allow and do some inner work, it’s more of a soul choice, therefore something that will continue to come about and occur.

As you have more access to your higher state of being you will notice yourself contemplating “how is this coming up again, why is that feeling suddenly rising up again, I don’t really feel this way, I know this isn’t true”.  This is because you are now in a higher state of being yet there is still deep subconscious pain, trauma, memory, programs that will loosen up layer by layer to clear so as not to damage the nervous system because it would be too much in one go.  There is nothing wrong with anyone, we all have this stuff, me, you, that famous comedian, that person living on the street, that guru sitting wrapped in nothing but a cloth nappy as he meditates.

What is self-love?  It has nothing to do with the external yet the external will shift when you connect with it truly on the internal.  That feeling of not liking a particular body part, or your body in general, or that feeling that someone doesn’t love you, or that you are not worth or allowed love from another or to yourself, or the feeling like you have done something wrong, is all so much deeper, and the root of it may surprise you once you get to it.  Also, and I shoot from the heart on this not hip, self-love won’t be realised by dancing around in a circle with a crown of flowers in your hair.  That looks pretty on social media but it is not going to get you into that true state of realised, grounded, divine, soul-self-love.

What is it that you love about yourself!?

Sit with that, do not go into what you think you do not love about yourself, only what you love about yourself.  How is it to honestly converse with yourself about what you love about yourself?  It takes practice.

There is so much distortion within each and every human and it comes from other lives lived, from ancestral cellular genetics, from current life experiences, from conditional love, from programs placed in us, and it can go beyond those things too!  I realised some distortions within me about ‘love’ in general, all ‘love’ in 2023 and since then I feel as if I am living a new way.  Another piece of soul essence awakened, entered, into this Ashling Life Experience.

Realising things takes time, and as much as time is a weird illusion we have a whole life time.  Processing things in your own way, at your own pace, is good for your nervous system.  If you try to process a way you are being told to, or someone else’s way, it may cause extra stress to your nervous system and that makes the process so much longer and more uncomfortable.  Process your own way yet be open to the possibility that your ways may naturally change over time, or indeed may not be working and need to be altered now.

Trust yourself.   Trust your universe.  Trust you are loved and provided for, and that you can create and in turn manifest anything, including abundance in all that it is; love, health, wealth, wisdom, into your life.

The path of ascension, of spiritual awakening, takes trust and robust resilience.  I have personally and proudly come to realise over the years that is what I Am, resilient as fuck.  At times I haven’t known how I may get through something I am presently in, yet I trust, and I get through it.  I realise how strength is such a deep inner state, and something I have accessed, and something everyone can access within.  I had a loving comment from someone I care about recently who said to me (without going into the private details)  "you don't realise how much you help others... I said to myself no look at Ashling, of course I'd be ok."  That conversation alone, and others like it every now and then, give me some additional doses of love to continue on this path and the work that I Am here to do.  That is what we all need, to simply share love with each other.

With heartfelt knowing I can now accept every aspect of myself, I acknowledge the depths of the darkness I have been through, and the height of the light I Am, I know who I am and what I came here for, yet I don’t know it all either, we are not meant to.  Moments rise where I worry, I allow them and they flow through, and I am always proven wrong so to speak, as in there was no need to worry, and that was an old fear rising up, because once you follow your heart you are always taken care of.  Trust.  Choose to trust and take one heart step at a time.  Choose to be you.  Choose to be here.  I choose to be me, and I choose to be here by waking up every morning here in this body.  This ‘I’ that chooses is one part of the Soul ‘I’ that makes this choice, one part because we are many parts in many places.

We have all of these multidimensional aspects of ourselves that we can connect with.  In what way we connect with them or not is that soul choice.  Sometimes there is awareness, sometimes not.  A lot of time it is at a subconscious level, the connection, so things seem to just happen, or suddenly shift according to the human understanding.  Awareness may not be necessary, or it may interfere with the human life experience pre-planned, that is why so many at the moment are still not aware of their greater soul self, the collective evolution isn't enough yet to be both aware and allow.

There were life experiences we lived, you can call it past lives if it makes it easier, that we either lived spiritual lives, isolated, or more human lives in community.  Now it is a time to be and do both but in a slightly different way.  There is no separation.  There is a part of me that feels this is not something I need to share that I have been sharing this for so many years, that everyone knows this, yet there is a part of me that knows that is not the truth, there are so many not awakened, and so many who need reminding too, simply because of what this humanness can do.  I see in those who may be perceived as very spiritual people not living truthfully, and I see in who those who may be perceived as not spiritual very human people living life being kind and loving and that is simply more spiritual than those who are living lies.

I am very human and very spiritual.  So are you.  I have dark aspects and light aspects.  Everyone does.  I don’t get involved in spiritual communities because that is not my path and partly due to them mostly being exclusive, which is excluding others.  I walk my own path and am grateful for those who come in and those who go out.  I don’t speak all of my truth at all.  Yes, I wrote “I don’t speak my truth” and I don’t know if I ever will.  I now know who I can speak it with, and share it with, and I also now a lot of what I know as my truth is not others truth.  A lot of it IS their truth.  It is the truth that a lot of what I have experienced and currently am experiencing others are not ready to hear, or experience just yet.  Will I speak it at some stage, maybe, maybe not, I don’t know right now, yet as I type I am being flooded with messages to speak more of my truth.  I have been somewhat resisting!  I know I have.  I would rather stay slightly isolated and get on with my life and my work quietly yet here is spirit sharing otherwise with me as I awake and type this morning! Hhhmmmm!

I had another what is known as ‘near death experience’ in 2023. I haven’t spoken about it out loud until a brief few sentences very recently because it wasn't time, or necessary.  It was very different than my previous near death experience.  Details I don’t need to share right now, what I do need to share is how it changed me, and there is a lot I came into knowing through this experience.  How did it change me?  One way is in relation to what I began writing about this morning ‘self-love’.  I felt this profound, divine, previously unfelt love for myself that I never felt before.  I have worked on self-love for years and thought I reached a good state of it, and I had truly, yet this level of love I felt for my whole self, and in particular for my human self from my soul self was profound, and now I carry this frequency with me, as me, as you.  It is a new level of love and discomfort I get to share with anyone who comes into my frequency in anyway.  I have already witnessed the profound love it has helped awaken in some, and the depth of discomfort it has brought about in some others.   To get to witness this love in others was worth dying for!! 😊

All experiences, tests, accidents, heartbreaks, are not meant to break our spirit, although they can do, yet even that is to help us!  We can come back from anything, including death!, stronger, with more love in our hearts!

Choose Love, you have free will so you can choose your freedom in love.  Choose to be in your soul love rather than ego fear.  Choose soul-self-love.  Make the choice now in this moment, then make it again in this moment, and now make it in this moment.  As fear rises, be your own witness to it, accept it, acknowledge it, allow it to rise and be the energy in motion that it is, and with that now choose love.  Smile inside and there will be a soft gentle smile on your outside too.

I choose love, soul-self-love and this is the way I see and love you.

Blessings & Love


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