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Endings & Beginnings, and for some, energetic emergencies

November 18th 2023
#911 #9 #11

Holy Heart, or Wholey Heart, or Multidimensional Multi-Pieces of Heart!

The energies are amplifying collectively, and in my personal experience this last two days I have had extreme intense energy move through my solar plexus yesterday afternoon on through the evening, and from this afternoon overwhelming heart energy.  My psyche was always somewhat open and has continued to open more, steadily, over the last 12 years, and this year, and this last two days profoundly!  Everyone is shifting and opening whether that is the beginning, or middle, or end (remembering endings only bring more beginnings!).  There is no race, it’s all to be natural, it’s extreme and enlivening enough as it is, without rushing or forcing, remember to stay in your own soul power, your own personal soul journey.  I am Me, You are You, and we are each pieces of the puzzle, each unique, and we are all needed as we soulfully and humanly are.

There is no One better than the other, that Is person, place, situation, path or thing.  Someone said to me “I don’t like it when you say Higher Self it makes me feel inferior”.   I explained to them that wasn't my intention and what it actually means and how they can look at the possibility of what that feeling of inferiority may be.  This is someone completely new on the path of awakening, of spirituality.  There was a lot more to that conversation and that experience with them was a little tiring for me yet I knew it was aligned to help them help themselves, to see themselves, and their truth.  I sat in silence and allowed the clearing that followed my conversation with them.  The Universe will give me some energy in exchange for freely helping, that’s how it works.  We give, we receive.  We receive, we give.  It doesn’t have to be ‘giving’ first.  It is overall simply sharing.  I have been sharing a lot recently, remember there are fine lines, don’t over-give because this can take from another’s experience, and also don’t be taken advantage of, some people use manipulation, or take as much as possible, as a survival mechanism, or as conditioned.  Your awareness is a key.

I am constantly transmuting and I see this more clearly with each and every passing day.  I also see it in others who are here to do the same thing.  Some of those others are aware, some are not.  All I need to be, and do, is continue to be myself, and do what is aligned for me.  Same goes for you, be you and do what feels aligned for you to do.  Watch the ego though, it can trick you into thinking it's soul.  There's a fine line.  Things are to be done differently.  My human had great intentions to be productive this afternoon but my soul had other plans.  I surrendered as I have learned is best.  Yesterday was intense, to be honest today felt, only whilst in it, soul destroying.  Why would my soul want to destroy itself? Well it doesn't, it's my human that's feeling that.   I’m grand now, just exhausted, with swollen eyes, and am randomly crying at anything that moves, the wild wind that’s up, a message I read, the cute baby video on youtube, the ridiculous thought I had, the happy memory that rose up, the love that I felt, anything and everything is making me burst into tears, and I am moving at a slow-mo snail’s pace, because I'm being held.

Give someone a hug (if they're ok with it).  Give yourself a Hug.  Simply wrap your arms around yourself and hug!  There are bliss energies in, and when we feel them it is so wonderful, yet when we feel them maybe another is not, we can share our energy, our love, with them, gently, whatever way that may be.  And to feel these bliss energies there are layers that may need to be moved through, certain layers lift at particular times that are aligned for you, depending on many factors in your individual experience in line with the incoming light frequencies etc., and on connecting more with these bliss energies we see, and feel, the purest divine love, and that brings divine tears!

In the last few days I had the most powerful urge to ground more, and I was feeling grounded, not high, not low, connected, rooted, balanced.  I sat with the feeling.  What came through was that I (and maybe you, because this is collective, not just me) am anchoring newly activated (and continuing activation) energies.  Now today I see why I had to ground so much more in preparation for yesterday and today…. And the coming next few days.  (I generally move through a pre-wave stage for no other reason than that is part of my job to in advance of others to do some of the deeper and heavier energy work, and to also share about what is coming.)

The higher heart is moving through so much more awakening!  It is both blissful and achy.  All of the energy centers are involved, including the ones you may not be aware of yet, or ever, it doesn’t matter!  Just trust yourself and your feeling and allow what comes to come, and what wants to go to go.

I was sitting meditating and a message of self-love and spirituality came through.  A vision of a grapefruit came to me, it was cut in half and looked beautiful, luscious, bright, juicy, and it had some teeny tiny seeds in the center, filling more than half way out.  That’s us, that center.  It’s what is inside that is important remember.  I can smell it, it smells divine, and that’s the energetic frequency it emits from it’s center.  We need to tend to ourselves, to our self-love, our self-care, and our spiritual health, these three things lead to our manifested world of love, care and human health.  Also, the seeds are small, but there are so many of them, and they are pure, and abundant!  Give it time, whatever it is, the inner work, the outer desire, the healing, the health, the love, the seed(s) you planted, give it time to flourish and grow to come into it’s fruition!

Be in the heart, live through and from the heart so we can release the mind.  It doesn't mean there is no practicality and it is all airy fairy, it does mean you will live, and be, your true self, you will come from and be in a place of love, you will make higher consciousness choices, because being in the heart takes you to the higher mind.  You can be disciplined with yourself in love.  There is no such thing as tough love, there is only love.  You can be in ease with yourself in love.   Remember there is a process to this, and it can be a rollercoaster, it can be uncomfortable, and it can be beautiful, and you can feel both at the exact same time!.  You can allow and do (because it takes both - action and non-action) your inner work, then go about your outer work whatever that may be, you will be given space when it is needed, you will be given energy when it is needed, and you will be guided along the way.  All you need to do is acknowledge you want to help/heal yourself, to maybe say that you want to be ok, to realise that there is some resistance, and say "thank you" and your spiritual team will lead the way, including clearing space for some laughter and some play.

Blessings & Love


soul creating space

November 06th 2023

Anything that feels like it is to break you, is to make you.  Look at it, look into it.  Is it something recurring?  Is it something you didn’t ‘like’ about yourself being presented again through another?  Is it something that is bringing about a churning within your stomach, an ache within your heart, a lump within your throat, a spasm through your sacral, since you are now feeling it rise up?   Is it something you judged yourself on and now another is judging you on it and it doesn’t feel like love?  Loving all aspects of ourselves, apparent light and dark, is how we merge duality, and that is to become one within, become balanced within.  It was recently shared with me by someone in passing that they think I am too deep, followed by me being too sensitive.   I have moved through this before, being ‘too much’ something or ‘not enough’ something, both with others and within myself so why is it coming up again with a new friend?  It is all about self-love, and empowerment, and conscious choice, continuous change, and creation!  This time I am allowing this experience into my awareness and checking in with myself and my self-love, and with that I am simply going to allow it to roll off me and pass through me.  The depth of who I am is as beautiful and important as the surface someone else may prefer to Be, and just because I can love another just as they are, it doesn’t mean they can love me, and that is ok, I now have more than enough love for me, which I can continue to share with them, with a little light boundary.  This is where the friend is a teacher and helper, and where I create new boundaries in love.  We can change anything in a split second, our minds, our hearts, our path.

Alignment is within, as is illumination.  The only way that persons thoughts and feelings about me can affect me is if it is already within, or if I allow it in.  Our light is also within us and the only way it can shine is if we allow it, and the only way it can become brighter is if we create space for it. 

Detaching from the external, the denser energies, allows us to be more our true selves, which is what serves this world.  Doing the individual inner work and clearing what needs to cleared and let go of allows us to be more our true selves.  Not doing what doesn’t resonate, not pushing ourselves to be someone, or do something, that is not us, aligned to, true to, or for, us, is Us Being Us.

'No matter' where we are in ourselves, in life, 'no matter' what is going on, or not, we are always, ‘always’, in a place that we can choose to open to and share love.  So, 'no matter' where you are, how you feel, or what thoughts you may have running through your head, come into your heart and know that I Am, as Divine Is, always sending love.  Open your heart to receive.

Lightning woke me up twice as it struck.  I was in deep sleep yet suddenly aware my my upper body was rising slightly, heart up, and then opening my eyes to see two strikes of lightning through the (very small maybe 8x8 inches) window.  It transformed into a circle with a dot in the middle, pure brilliant white light with rainbow pixels around it.  I not just seen it but felt it come into me.  I then passed out into what felt like a one second sleep but it was hours.  How often are these things happening and you simply may not be aware of it!?  You may feel off kilter some day and do not understand why, there is so much going on we simply don't remember, or humanly know.  How often do you give yourself a hard time about being that way that day?  Soften, just a reminder to soften on yourself again, and again.

When we experience new energy, we can feel off balance because it is not a frequency we are used to, and we need to take time to integrate the energy and ground.  When a very high frequency activates within us it can trigger fear, or it can be a sense of being high, or fragmented, out of body – ungrounded.  Going slow and grounding is extremely important when these activations occur.

We are purging anything that needs to be purged from the past, and we are surrendering control as to anything that may be in the future.  

The nervous system is really being touched.

The Light goes where the water is!

We must create space for living, and not just living but living a beautiful life, beyond the pain, conditioning, programs, sadness, disappointments, heartaches.  What and where can you put an amplified focus on the beauty?  It’s in the simplest things remember.  If my heart hurts, I look to the sun, the sky, I smell the flower, I listen to the birds, I smile at seeing a butterfly, and suddenly my heart softens and doesn’t hurt so much.  Healing takes time, it’s not about disregarding any heartache, any trauma, it’s about helping ourselves in our healing, sight by sight, breath by breath, sound by sound, one heart beat at a time.

If you want to connect with an energy, a frequency, you can choose to.  If you want to heal, you can.  Most people do not want to heal. You can allow, and do, your healing as a part of your day / week / life it doesn’t take over your day / week / life, it in spiritual fact amplifies it, and makes it better, even though it may be uncomfortable for a short time, yet you must be willing to.  Releasing resistance to, and loving, what is moving through you speeds up the process.

You are loved not in spite of, or asides from, but ‘because of’ any imperfections.  To one person I’m too deep and too sensitive (for them) but to many others I am simply me, and loved for being me.

It is becoming more and more important, maybe urgent at times, that we take time to sit in silence, to go inside, to be in nature.  These things don’t take time, they give it!

Not being ourselves, not being truth, not living truth can send us humans deeper into tailspins of 3D programs.  That truth is for All of us and it includes the days you feel like you don’t want to speak out loud, the days you are ‘in bad form’, it includes the silliness and playfulness.  The more we are ourselves, the more we love ourselves, the more we love others ,just the way they are too.  Not being true sends us into fear, and that is something we can do without extra doses of.  Non acceptance of, and non-being of, truth, which is love, which is self, which includes the shadow aspects of self, leaves a tinge on the aura.  So just be all of your beautiful self.

I have become quite (quiet) speechless.  Not because there is any type of block in my throat chakra, very much the opposite, I have had so much clearing through here recently, including grief, that the heart is opening more and more, and there is no need for words!  I communicate a lot telepathically with others, whether or not they know it, or remember it, and with that there is only truth and love.   This will become a more natural way for all at some stage.  The more I open and connect with divine love the more I see where I have not been loving myself, by not being some of myself, and as I begin to be that I open to more of that divine love.  This is a cycle I am happy to get caught in!

The grief, or situation, that broke your heart, brought you to your knees, and shattered your world into a thousand pieces… the lack of love felt, the withdrawal of love from others, which is also from themselves…. the broken romances, the faded friendships, the death, the lack, the loss, every experience that hurt… if not already, then one day, you will get a glimpse of how it has helped you grow, of how it is all a part of life, all to make you look within, all to help you realise who you are, to see, to feel, to know.

Our worth lies within, and within that it lies within recognising and allowing our unique soul frequency.  We are all worthy, and we (humans) have some level of lack when it comes to worth and what that really Is.  The pain of lack of worthiness goes so far beneath the surface.  Surface level will not fill that void any longer.  It is more than the illusions of the 3D world, of material.  It is more than what any outside influence, or entity, can do or be.  It Is within, and it is In You, as You!  You are worth.  Remember worth has nothing to do with material value, manifesting, being deserving by way of entitlement - these are sometimes distorted views due to social streaming and spiritual misalignment - and everything to do with healthy higher self esteem, intuitive knowing, honouring hearts, courageous being even in the face of fear, and an external respect and loving kindness coming toward you from all others.  Our value is never measured but if it were to be it would be measured on the vibrancy of our soul essence, so simply allow yourself to be as vibrant as you truthfully are.

Blessings & Love


eclipsing separation

October 26th 2023

Graves of Grief are pouring out.  The wound and pain of separation is surfacing with this eclipse energy, as is the frequency of divine love.  The sadness may feel like it is relating to a loss, a grief, a heartache from this life, and maybe it is too, yet it is so much more than that, and it all needs to be released.

I went into a tunnel / cocoon of pure white light and in here pure potent masculine energy came to me, giving me strength and power.  

This is support for what the feminine is helping to heal, and it is also the union of true divine love, that we are, manifesting more in our physicality now.

It's ok not to know anything in the midst of it.  Don't try figure anything out.  Simply allow.  Know you are safe and you are very, very, very much loved and held, always, and in this heightened energy right now.

Blessings & Love


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the squeeze

October 21st 2023
#11 #2

"Whoa" that's all I can say to the 24 hours of shift I went through.  After the clearing I napped for 1.5 hours, then slept a full 10 through the night.  After this I literally feel like an upgraded version of self but that 24 hours was intense and very uncomfortable, that's what it is, just know that it always, always, always, passes and more quickly once you surrender to it and allow.

The wild winds of energetic change are whirling!  I know what I Feel, and what I See, and what comes to me through what I Know.  Same for you, you know what you know, and that is what you experience, and through your experience you come to Know.

We are being squeezed.  A dip that is due to a high.  Heightened Light blasts will do that, squeeze us.  Light brings bliss and joy and unconditional divine love and with that support and assistance, simply ask for help.  I asked and as I sat I seen a huge old cord that looked like a root of a tree, soil and all, in my solar plexus.  I dissolved it.  These things have usually been present a long time just only come into our conscious awareness as we move through the layers.  I had sudden spasms in advance of this all through my left muscular area in my back (this old energy I seen entered my solar plexus from the left at an angel off centre), and within my abdominal and large intestinal cavity.  Since the spasms arrived suddenly with surprise my first and usual reaction was “wtf”, my second was ok rest and allow.  I stood in my power in a friendship, that’s how and why this ‘root’ in my ‘solar plexus’ (sun) came to ‘light’. 

Whatever needs to go is to go, and it wants to go so let it go, mentally repeat “I let go.”  And with that, that simple yet powerful and precious space in silence is of the outmost importance.  

Spasms are a natural experience of energetic and bodily adjustments, also full body shaking, and shivering like you have a fever, is the nervous system regulating.  They are two experiences I have had with this latest shift, you may experience anything in relation to the nervous system right now.  I have heard others are having itching of the skin, and rashes, and skin changes.  Sleep affected either way - more sleep like I experienced after my clearing, or less sleep like insomnia, which is more difficult since we need sleep to function.  With the nervous system anything can be affected so check in with yourself.  Along with the nervous system adjustments anything connected to the first three energy centers can rise for release right now, so again check in with yourself.  Rest then move, even if it is at snails pace.

October and November are two powerful portal months (December will be too but into a different frequency).  There are portals every month, there are amplified energetic influxes, there are openings, there are opportunities.

Following the clearing from my solar plexus I felt an enormous weight on and within my chest, my heart.  If you’re feeling that it is collective, it isn’t just me and you.  I had a visit from a beautiful messenger thanking me for the heart healing I have been helping with.  Even now I am filling with tears as I write this, the blissful, divine, loving, grateful ones, along with some worthiness ones.  Then of course there are tears of the other kind releasing with this weight, the heartache, griefy ones.  Remember to hydrate, not just for replenishment of the tears leaving the body but to help with the light entering the body.  We are made up of water and this light needs us to be hydrated to move through us and to also be continuously clearing through the bladder and kidneys to do it’s work.  And also remember after the period of rest, physically move again.

A symbol came to me prior to this shift, it looks like a circle with dot in the center, it is Galactic to me.  It is representing the Sun, the Center, the Heart, the One within All.  It is connected with the spiritual, Higher aspect of Self.  With this vision I was given a message and it is that we are in an eight week window, which since that came to me, leads up until November 22nd.

The masculine energy is firing up, it’s fighting up, it’s fighting to rise up, within that there lies the war – the ego.  All must rise up, clear, come out.

I can’t do anything about what is going on collectively externally, I didn’t know there was an actual war going on until I felt it and I asked what was this, and the answer came when someone mentioned “do you know there is a war going on?”.

I’m very aware of what is going on by way of feeling, whether it be an earthquake, a war, a personal thought or emotion coming my way telepathically and energetically, and what is meant to come to me always comes to me, I trust this, yet I can’t and choose not to put my self, my energy there, or allow any fear based energy in.  Enough moves through me without adding to that.  I help, we help, by way of working on what is going on within, individual as that is, it is genuinely helping collectively.

We are in a period of Eye and Heart and Soul Opening stuff!

By honouring yourself and being kind and compassionate to yourself, and in turn to others, you allow the lower fear based energies move, which in turn means you don’t get stuck in any one fear based space.

There is no longer a need to serve or hold space for any collapsing frequency.  You can now choose not to.  Allow collapse.

Personal power within and so without.  Love too!

With sudden dips, or depressions in energy.  Remember there are times you have to squat, or sit, sometimes lie down, to let go.

It’s important to purposely allow and do our inner, and outer, energetic hygiene.  We shower everyday, we clean our physical bodies, so why would you not shower and clean your energy body?  You can consciously allow clearing of your energy body as you shower your physical body.  How do you do that? – intention alone.  Simple.  It’s a light clearing, bigger energy work is needed for bigger clearing.  The Higher Healing 333 course can help you with this, there is a lot of continuous energy work for this exchange of energy, and it starts January 2024.  You are already powerful and brilliant, it simply takes some higher conscious effort and activation, to tap into more of who you are, and what you can do.

In the physical we all have the ability to feel, to feel everything and everyone.  If you’re physical and you’re not feeling are you fully living in the physical?  Well you are of course, just differently, yet the physical – the feelitall – is why we are here.  Feeling in the physical involves All feeling, that is what is perceived as good and bad, high and low, and balancing is a continual conscious necessity in this physical feeling world.

Also, you’re in a physical body for a soul reason, enjoy it, enjoy the human experiences, the feelings – all of them!, the senses – all of them.  Listen to your body, allow and do what is right and aligned for you.  Being human is hard at times, it is also being a hero, take the moments to smell, to see, to feel, to taste, to be.

Feel everything, allow yourself to feel it all.  Do whatever it is that helps you, listen to music to help lift your spirits as it all passes through, sing - whether or not you think you can sing, walk and sit in nature, share a hug with someone.  Don’t exhaust yourself, balance is best, rest when your body is calling for rest.  Striving, pushing, forcing are old ways, they won’t work anymore.  Along side that let go of any guilt in not doing anything, or shame in not being ‘successful’  what is successful?  To me it is being peace, that which I Am (and you are too), and maintaining that in whatever way is aligned for me, (and you) to be and do.  How you are and what you do must be aligned for you.

I love you, because I love me.  I offer you freedom because I give it to me.  This is new to most of our generation, not to children though, look to them as the most terrific teachers.  Let go of the wounded ego, observe where you may feel wounded due to another, which is due to you because they are simply your helper.  I love you, because I love me.  I offer you freedom because I give it to me.

You can only know something when you know it, you can only know something when you experience it.  What experience are you in currently?  Is it one you don’t want to be in, is it one you need to be in and simply need to allow it and move through it, is it a pattern repeating, is it a new heightened awareness, is it a sudden change of heart and, or, mind, you can change your heart and mind at any given moment, something you felt you are, or wanted, or needed yesterday may not be today.  Is it a new state of consciousness, a new state and way of being, a state of peace.  Peace and Faith are within you, they are not anywhere without.  Walk your path in presence, in your own personal faith, in peace, in genuine love - which is as much about learning from and loving the dark as it is the light.

I love you, because I love me.  I offer you freedom because I give it to me.

Blessings & Love


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