Rise in Spirit to meet Soul!

helping humanity heal

honing in on living through the higher heart

Rise Spirit Soul is a space for raising your level of consciousness.
Rise Spirit Soul is Ashling, others, and you.

Rise Spirit Soul offers a welcome, safe, loving, supportive and healing environment, for one and all to embark on and sustain their Evolution, their expansion.

rise spirit soul is about helping humanity.
Rise Spirit Soul offers Retreats with an emphasis on Evolution.
our time in retreat is Sacred Soul Time, we are in an environment appropriate for the higher work we are engaging in.
taking time in one retreat a year can set you up for the year ahead.
the energy leaves with you, the expansion continues after your time in retreat.

At Rise Spirit Soul Ashling whole-heartedly feels that we all begin or resume our spiritual practices exactly where we need to be right now in order to step into our Soul destiny and become the best possible version of our true selves.  Yoga (which is 'union') brings the possibility for harmony, health and healing, as well as deep personal transformation within and beyond the body.   

Soul Growth, Healing, Spiritual Connection and Raising Consciousness are at the forefront of all that Rise Spirit Soul is.  Due to this fact Ashling is an advocate of meditation and energy healing and is honoured to be a guide to help you connect deeper and open to all that you truly are.  Rise Spirit Soul gatherings are a place to connect with like-hearted souls!
Blessings and Light.  Namaste

A spiritual practice is one that supports our inward journey of self-exploration, evolution and expansion!
It takes us beyond the senses to Spirit, Soul, ultimately God within.