Ascension Yoga Healing Classes

Tuesdays 20:00 -21:30

at The River Studio, River Holistic, Raheny

Ascension Yoga Healing is a newage healing yoga.  It is a rising up, a rising 'within' to meet our higher selves, it is an energetic cellular clearing as we move through this time of Ascension. We have shifted from 3D to higher dimensions which is creating stress in our bodies. This is a healing practice to work through the affects the Ascension Process has on the physical, emotional and mental bodies.  As new incoming energies move through us and release old pain from many lifetimes it is affecting us in these human bodies.  As old energy / toxins rise up to move out they can get stuck and we need to work on releasing them gently.  New Energy can become stuck as our current physical body is not able to process this high vibration energy immediately.  Overwhelming emotions, mental issues and physical discomforts are arising due to all these factors.

Ascension Yoga Healing is a new yoga way for an evolving new us!

Ascension Yoga Healing is tuning in to the true meaning of who we are, where we've come from, what we're doing here, what it means to be a human being, what it means to be spiritual and what it means to be spiritual and human at the same time!

We will find Faith and work on staying in the moment to feel and heal our way through this Ascension Process. There is a new way, it is not logical, it is not intellectual, it is a feeling way!

This is Yoga for all, including those who have discomfort or pain of any form; physical, mental, emotional, and also including those who do not!  This will be a spiritual, energy centered, therapeutic, healing form of yoga working from a 'yin' perspective.  There will be some 'yang' but it is in a very 'yin' way.  There will be movement and no movement at all, there will be meditation, mantra, relaxation, transfer of energy and overalltransformation!

This class will change format weekly working in line with the days energy.

Namaste, Ashling

4 Week Pass €70

Drop-In €20