1111~1212 portal program

November 11th -december 12th 2021

thursday nov 11th - 6am ~ group Distant Healing
Saturday Nov 13th ~ link to guided meditation emailed
friday nov 19th - 6am ~ group Distant Healing
Saturday Nov 20th ~ link to guided meditation emailed
thur - Sat Nov 25th-27th ~ one to one Distant Healings
Saturday nov 27th ~ link to guided meditation emailed
saturday Dec 4th - 6am ~ group Distant Healing
Saturday dec 4th ~ link to guided meditation emailed
Sunday dec 12th - 6am ~ group Distant Healing

Pls note: you do not have to be lying / meditating at the same time I connect for the focused healings
you can receive during your sleep and/or connect to receive any time following it
this is all done distantly, no gathering online

you can be lying at same time as healing or following it
energy is timeless and you will receive so long as you are open to
and you will be aware so long as you give your self space to

this is focused on the higher energy centers
part of the natural process of receiving higher vibrational energies is clearing of lower

A part of this healing program will:

Take you to The Inner Strength to realise more of, and stand in, your Soul Truth as we move forward into 2022.

Help you See clearly what has shifted within yourself
coming more into Knowing who you truly are.

Give you Opportunity to strengthen your boundaries.
To be clear in who you are and take self responsibility.

See your Connection deepening to Soul Self, to your Source Energy.

These are some of the group energies, there is also very much individual energy shifts and upgrades.

this is a very high vibration to receive
so there will be clearing
yet this can be transmuted in ease once you allow
it will touch the whole energy body
since all is connected
there will be a CONTINUOUS flow of energy to you throughout this time
and email guidance, support and insights along the way
the meditations will be a combination of mantra and verbally guided meditations
You do not need to 'do' anything simply acknowledge you are open to receive
a lot will happen through the higher planes through your sleep time
so you may notice this through a change in your sleep state or dreams
there will be more to share as we go along
more details emailed after sign-up

Some dates for you:

for any one to one sessions:

last date this year is:

November 10th 2021

resuming next year on:

January 11th 2022

After this upcoming program:

November 2021

the next one will be:


root chakra healing program

October 02nd - 16th 2021

saturday 02nd - 6am ~ group Distant Healing
monday 03rd ~ link to guided meditation and mantra meditation emailed
friday 8th / saturday 09th -at agreed time ~ one to one Distant Healing
monday 10th ~ link to guided meditation and mantra meditation emailed
saturday 16th - 6am ~ group Distant Healing

you can be lying at same time as healing or following it
energy is timeless and you will receive so long as you are open to
and you will be aware so long as you give your self space to

we will clear out stagnant energy
bring in balance
and infuse fresh energy
with the continuous changes we are moving through at rapid rates
the root chakra is something we need to keep coming back to

although this is focused root chakra healing
it will touch the whole energy body
since all is connected
there will be a CONTINUOUS flow of energy to you throughout these two weeks
and email guidance, support and insights along the way
more details on schedule emailed after sign-up

In attempting to explain Distant Healing in a somewhat logical way we must leave our lower or ego mind and turn toward our higher or spiritual mind.

We cannot try to understand through the eyes of separation, since in Distant Healing, the driving force is a certain state of unified consciousness.... and trust.

We need to bring a different state of consciousness into the equation, which is also what we are working on altering through Distant Healing.

This consciousness is all encompassing. It is the Higher Consciousness that sees and perceives itself not as separate, but as inter-connected, or as one Being.

I read a piece recently from physicists Elizabeth A. Rauscher and Russell Targ saying “... (distant healing) is an interaction of our awareness with a non-local hyper-dimensional space-time in which we live.”

It is of the utmost importance that the Healer has the highest intention and has also been calibrated at a high energetic vibration.

Personally having moved through many shifts in consciousness I have the ability to travel multi-dimensionally and remember the experience, and to connect with Higher Beings of Light, who work through me to reach you.  While a part of my role is the constant transmutation of lower energies and integration of higher energies, realisation has shown me that I have come here from the 8th Dimension (a different vibration place) originally, this being 'home' and have also travelled to higher dimensions yet again for learning and on soul missions.  I am fully connected to an energy/vibration from this 'place' that on touching others brings about some powerful shifts, and magical experiences, to assist in you raising your vibration.

I work both on the physical 3D earth plane and also on the non-physical planes where I am a Healer, Teacher and Spirit Guide to many, along with being a Warrior of the Light.  I am here to help humanity and you to rise up.  I honour your trust in me to be of service to you, in great gratitude.
In Light,

options & pricings:

One to One Distant Healing - €60 - 30 minutes
We communicate via email; set our mutually agreed time to energetically connect; share some information, on completion I email an mp3 recording with insights.

Group Distant Healings €30 - 30 minutes
These are offered as I am guided.  The dates will be added, usually 3 - 5 days in advance to the Distant Healing Page and Home Page on the website, as well as Instagram and Facebook post, and Facebook event.  After the healing I send an email to anyone who attended energetically outlining any insights for the group.

Next Group Distant Healing:

November 11th at 11am (gmt)

book Distant healing  by clicking the button below for the online store or by dropping an email
Payment options by credit or debit card, by paypal, or by bank transfer
Please ensure your email address is correct when you sign up, as we will set your healing date and time by email
(I will do my best to be in touch within approximately 48 hours (excluding Sundays))
Please check your promotions, junk and spam folders since sometimes website emails end up there
What To Do for your Distant Healing:
Distant Healing works through waking time or sleep time.

In Waking Time:
Simply lie back on the bed or on the floor
Place a pillow under your head and light blanket or sheet over you (at least over your mid torso)
Light a candle (if there is no risk of you falling asleep for the night)
Set the intention mentally "I Am Open to Receive for my Highest Good" & " I Let Go for my Highest Good"
If this is day time set your alarm for 30 minutes and put your phone on airplane mode.

In Sleep Time:
If this is on going to bed, acknowledge "I Am Open to Receive and Experience for my Highest Good"
(watch out for your dreams in general, also I tend to appear there for many, if you do not remember immediately it will happen in time)
If the healing is happening during your sleep time it will come.
In sleep time we step fully away from the logical, ego mind  and are in the sub conscious, so it is of high benefit.

For Group Distant Healings I will drop an email on conclusion to all those who attended (attended energetically of course).

In One to One Distant Healings I send a voicenote by email on completion, sharing any insights that came through.  (Please always check 'promotions', 'spam' folders also.